Numeracy Studies

Numeracy Research

Contemporary approaches to explaining maths under achievement describe the learning characteristics
of maths underachievers:

  • psychological descriptive approach – psychological difficulties that occur with maths difficulties.
  • error analysis approach focuses on the types of errors made by students.
  • neuropsychological approach links maths difficulties to neurological disorders- dyscalculia.
  • information-processing approach links verbal, memory and peceptual processing with maths difficulties.

These four approaches focus on students in isolation rather than on students in terms of student – teaching interactions in their past and current learning situations. Mis-match between maths performance and teaching.The mis-match can occur in several areas.

  • in the types of information students are expected to manipulate .
  • in the ways in which students go about learning..
  • in what they know automatically.
  • in their motivation to learn maths

Here are some areas of Numeracy research: