About Studies in Exceptional Learning and Gifted Education (SELAGE)

The work of the Exceptional Learning Unit is underpinned by an explicit model of learning that focuses on the processes for knowledge enhancement. The model draws from Dr John Munro’s work over the years in multiple ways of learning and learning disabilities and the implications for teaching. The model proposes that successful learning requires the implementation of a sequence of learning interactions that:
  • focus the learning activity
  • activate a learner’s relevant existing knowledge
  • involve enhancing the knowledge initially in specific contexts and then abstracting the new knowledge
  • linking positive emotions and values with the new knowledge
  • identifying the learning strategies or actions that led to knowledge enhancement
  • storing the new knowledge in long term memory
  • automatising it
  • transferring and applying it
  • displaying it in assessment contexts

Dr. John Munro

How can teachers, schools and systems learn to optimize the learning of students who are gifted & talented, dyslexic or dyscalculic, educationally disadvantaged, have ADHD or are creative? Read how in our database of research articles.

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